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Annie and the Overdue Books  Part 2

The head librarian's name was Walter Cole and his assistant at the college library had informed him of a very, very interesting young woman who still had a penalty coming for an overdue library book.

Walter sat in his drab, sedan outside a simple apartment building, patiently watching occupants and visitors enter and leave as the bright, spring day sun climbed higher in the sky toward noon.

Anyone walking by the car would have seen an unassuming looking man, around forty years of age with graying, auburn hair brushed straight back from a thinning widow's peak.  Sunglasses covered his cold, gray eyes and a short, trimmed goatee framed a thin mouth.

Walter waited with such implacable calm that he could have been mistaken for napping.  Until at just a little past noon, the doors of the apartment building opened and a young woman slipped out and started walking down the sidewalk toward the nearby campus.

The head librarian carefully compared the photo he had of his library fine fugitive.  He had printed the photo from the college database using the girl's student ID number she had given to his assistant.

“Let's see...,” he murmured thoughtfully.  “Brown hair, falling a little past the shoulders.  Check.  About five and a half feet tall.  Check.  Glasses and....”  Walter's gray eyes panned over the young woman's figure, taking note of the thin, light blue t-shirt hugging the hourglass sides and the desirable flare of her rounded hips as they swayed delightfully in her low slung, gray, capri style pants.

“And a body that needs some additional survey,”  the head librarian finished with a lazy drawl.  “Yep, that's Annie.”

Walter started his car and carefully pulled a U turn, cruising slowly after Annie as she walked to class.  The head librarian had been at the school for a decade and he knew it like the back of his hand.  He squinted his eyes in thought and then muttered, “If she stays on her current route...she'll pass the old annex building they used to teach art classes in.  That should work just fine.”

The head librarian accelerated ahead and quickly found a parking spot.  With confident haste he climbed out of the car and walked to the small, auxiliary building set off the path under some spreading evergreens.  

Walter tried the door and found it locked, but a quick try of the windows turned up one he could force open and clamber inside.  Once in the dim little building, the graying librarian looked around and grinned in smug satisfaction.  He saw a long worktable and over a dozen jars containing different types of paintbrushes as well as some old painter's aprons and smocks.  A quick flip of the lights showed the light bulbs were all blown out but a couple of desk lamps worked and swiftly arranged them around the worktable so it was cast in a warm, soft light.  

A small predatory smile spread over Walter's thin lips as he surveyed his impromptu playroom.  “Alright.  Showtime!”

Annie was walking along the narrow sidewalk that threaded through a mix of trees and empty, unused buildings when she saw a man sauntering towards her from a small modular unit.  The man was about 5' 10” tall and average build with large aviator sunglasses on his long face.

“Excuse me,” he called genially.  “Could you give me a hand?  I have to carry two boxes to the administration building and I really don't want to make two trips.  The boxes aren't heavy, just a little awkward.”

Annie came to an uncertain stop and hesitantly said, “Well...I'm kind of in a hurry...”

Then the pretty brunette glanced around and seeing no one else who could help, her conscience got the better of her.  “Okay.  I'll give you a hand.  I'm going that way anyhow.”

Walter tried to make his smile more appreciative and less shark like but a flicker of wariness still crossed the young woman's face.  Giving her head a little shake, she resolutely pushed her glasses up on her nose and followed the man off the path and into the trees where they entered the little modular building.

Once inside, Annie blinked her brown eyes at the comparative dimness of the single room.  She noticed the island of warm light that illuminated the long work table off to one side of the interior.  There were a great many jars of paintbrushes arranged on little stands around the table but she noticed it only in passing as she scanned the room for boxes.

Walter led her to the center of the room and casually handed her a paper.  “Here, take look at this.  Just standard paperwork for this sort of thing.”

Annie took the paper and after squinting at it futilely, she walked over by the table to read, what she expected to be a customary release of liability for helping a staff member with something physical.

As she got into the light and adjusted her glasses she began reading the paper and a bemused little frown graced her mouth.  “What the...?” she muttered softly.  Realization dawned on her as she confusedly read out loud, “Is your belly ticklish?  Have you ever been tickled in your bellybutton...?”

A form loomed out of the dimness in front of her and Walter said, “Just standard paperwork Annie.  For overdue books that is.”

The startled young woman dropped the paper and opened her mouth to scream when Walter grabbed both of her hands and whirled her around smoothly onto the long worktable on her back.

Annie's scream came out in a surprised little screech as she twisted her head around in disorientation.  Walter had a painter's apron and he quickly used the strings to tie Annie's slender hands together and then took them over her head and and over the upper end of the table so her elbows were bent over the edge of the table and her biceps lay parallel to her baffled face where he tied the apron off securely.

Then, moving with efficient competence, Walter produced two more aprons and used them to tie Annie's legs down to the table.  One apron across her ankles and one just above her knees.

Once his victim was secure, Walter exhaled happily and ran his hands back through his thinning hair.  With a sinister gleam in his eye the librarian reached out a single finger and hooked it under the bottom edge of Annie's thin, light blue t-shirt and began slowly pulling the material up her torso.

The anxious young woman's soft whine of foreboding was the perfect counterpoint to the hungry grin that spread across Walter's mouth as he unveiled her beautiful belly.  

First to appear was the soft, luxurious surface of the bound teen's lower belly.  Her capri pants were riding so low that the sensual flare of her rounded hips were visible and the tempting, sensitive hollows just inside her hip bones.

Walter let out a little growl of desire and as he slowly dragged the t-shirt higher he saw the perfect swell of Annie's hips just beginning to curve sweetly into her sleek waist, when he spotted the lower edge of the pretty brunette's deep, open, oval bellybutton.

Walter paused for a moment and gave Annie a fraudulent look of seriousness as the tied down beauty stared worriedly back at him.

“I don't know if I should look any further Annie.  Chuck said you have an absolutely delicious looking bellybutton.  If your navel is even half as sexy as he made it sound, I might not be able to control myself.  Bellybuttons are kind of my obsession you see.”

Pretending to marshal his willpower, Walter slid the bottom of the thin t-shirt up and uncovered Annie's deep, soft bellybutton.

His breath did leave him in an appreciative sigh and he paused for a moment to admire the open, oval shape with it's alluring depth and the soft, delicate folds that graced the interior.

Almost in a dreamlike state Walter swallowed and said, “That is pretty hard to resist...”  Slowly he reached a single finger towards the inviting opening as Annie watched with fearful brown eyes.

The panicked teen immediately drew in a breath and began screaming shrilly.  “Heeeeeeelp!  Heeeeeelp meeeeeeee!  Someone heeeeeelp meeeeeee!”

Walter froze instantly and a remote expression came over his long face.  Calmly, he walked over to one of the little windows facing the path outside and carefully peered through the blinds covering it.  There was no one out there and as he thought about it, he figured there wouldn't be anyone passing that way until classes let out that afternoon sometime.

The smug librarian sauntered back over to the still screaming young woman and let her go on until she realized the futility.  Annie reluctantly let her screams for help wind down as Walter shook his head patronizingly.

“No help for you I'm afraid.”  Then the devious older man quickly swept Annie's t-shirt the rest of the way up her smooth, hourglass belly until it was bunched under her breasts.

Walter smiled triumphantly and exclaimed, “Now, about that overdue book!”  Then he reached out and began rapidly running his fingertips all over the smooth surface of Annie's soft belly.

The tied down brunette's curvy body stiffened and she futilely strained at her bonds as she burst into soaring laughter. “Naaaaaahaaaaahahahahahahahahaaaa!!  Haaahahahahahahahahaaaaahaaaaaa!!”

Annie tossed her frantically back and forth and her rounded hips wriggled and swiveled in vain as the librarian's fingertips expertly skittered across the glossy, heaving surface of her ticklish belly.

Walter relentlessly spider tickled his victim's desirable belly for several intense minutes, then abruptly he stopped and stepped away from the table and vanished into the dimness.

Annie lay on the table, fitfully struggling at her bonds and laboring to catch her breath from the distressingly skillful tickling of the librarian.  A dread filled thought was swimming around in her frazzled mind.  That the head librarian was just as talented a tickler as the assistant said he was.

Less than a minute later, Annie had pretty much caught her breath when the librarian appeared as if on cue from the shadows surrounding the table.  

The fearful brunette flinched away from his sudden appearance and watched with worried brown eyes as Walter smirked gloatingly at her.

“Lucky for me, Chuck gave me a rundown on your beautiful belly.  It saves me the time of having to explore your sensitivities myself.”  Then with a predatory grin, Walter began skimming his unfairly effective fingertips back and forth over the soft, sensitive surface of Annie's lower belly.

Annie's brown eyes widened in alarm and she reflexively sucked in her smooth belly.  A heartbeat later her nose wrinkled cutely and she tucked her chin down as she let out an adorable, girlish squeal that flowed into trilling laughter.

“Eeeeeeeeheeeeeheeeeeee!!  Noooohohohohohohohohooo!  Haaahahahahahahahahaahhaaaa!!”

Walter watched gleefully as the frantic teen kept trying to escape the tickling fingertips by sucking in her soft, heaving belly, only to let it back out again an instant later as she sang out laughter.

Walter stroked and tickled Annie's luxurious, satiny lower belly until her cheeks were rosy with color and tears of laughter were glistening in her brown eyes.  Like before, the devious librarian suddenly stopped and melted back into the shadows, leaving the disheveled brunette desperately drawing air into her lungs as she squinted anxiously into the dimness around the illuminated table.

Only about thirty seconds of tense waiting had passed before Walter reappeared abruptly and sprang up onto the table, carefully settling himself down on Annie's lower thighs.  With a wink he said, “Shall we continue?”  Then he swiftly took both hands and gripped Annie's sweetly curved sides, eagerly kneading and squeezing the tender softness.

The brunette's brown eyes flew open wide and gave a single galvanic tug at her bonds before she started thrashing her head and screaming laughter.

“OhmyGaaaaahahahahahahahahahaaaaawd!!*screams*Naaaaaahahahahahahahaahahahahaaa!!  Staaaaahahahahahahahahaaaaahaaaap!*screams*Pleeeeeheeheeheeeheeeeheeeease!”

Walter enthusiastically squeezed and kneaded his way up and down through the lush curve of Annie's sleek, tender sides.  The devious librarian would work his greedily grasping fingers slowly up to the wildly laughing teen's lower rib and then swiftly slide his hands back down the wriggling surface to start again.

This went on for several riotous minutes before Walter drew his hands back.  This time however he stayed perched on Annie's thighs as he shrewdly studied her trying to regain her breath and a shred of composure.

It was only a handful of seconds when Walter apparently saw what he wanted to see and he smiled admiringly.  “You have amazing vitality!  It shouldn't surprise me, you're in the full bloom of youthful vigor and in great shape besides.”

Walter rested his distressingly skillful hands on his own thighs as he confided in the flushed brunette.  “Do you know what makes me so good?  What makes me better than Chuck?  It isn't just technique like Chuck thinks, though that's certainly part of it.  No, it comes down to building up the girl's sensitivity, both physical and emotional.  You'll understand in a second.”

And with that, Walter reached out his expert fingertips and began lightly fluttering them in the irresistibly tender hollows of the tied down beauty's hip bones.

Annie's fine brows lifted as her eyes closed and she involuntarily arched her back slightly with a sharp inhalation.  A moment later she bit her lower lip, stubbornly trying to resist the smile curling her soft lips upward and the throaty laugh that bubbled out of her.  The stubborn teen restlessly tossed her head back and forth defiantly, but a moment later she hunched her slender shoulders and gave in to the insidious, seducing tickles.

“Nnnnnnnahahahahahhaahaa*squeal*Hahahahahahahahahahaaa*pant pant pant pant*Nooohohohohohohohohoooo*squeal*”

Walter smugly noted the fine ripple of goosebumps that flashed across Annie's soft, smooth lower belly.  He watched her futilely try to swivel her rounded hips, trying to disrupt the unwelcome stroking as the color in her cheeks grew rosier and her sleek belly began to tremble with her throaty, panting laughter.

Walter gloatingly continued for several minutes then he sneered cruelly and said, “But you also have to keep them off balance!”

The sinister librarian suddenly gripped Annie's lush, rounded hips and swiftly lowered his head, snuggling his face into the sensitive hollow of her left hip bone where he blew a long, tingling raspberry.


Annie's back arched up higher involuntarily and she threw her head to the left as she let out a dismayed scream that wavered into strident laughter.

“*SCREAMS*Naaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaa!*screams*Staaaaahahahahahahahhaap!!  Aaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!!”

Walter slowly worked his way across the soft, trembling surface of Annie's lower belly.  Blowing raspberries every couple of inches until he reached the tender hollow of her right hip bone and nestled his face into it as he blew another series of long, vibrating raspberries and was rewarded with more ticklish screams from his beautiful captive.

Abruptly, Walter stopped blowing his wicked raspberries.  Apparently satisfied for the moment that his captive was off balance and amped up both physically and emotionally.

The black hearted librarian languidly trailed a line of light, whispering kisses across Annie's soft, glossy lower belly, drawing a round of panting, breathless giggles from the flustered teen.

Walter paused when he reached the middle, noting with satisfaction that Annie's smooth, heaving belly was glistening with a thin sheen of perspiration.  “That's a good sign...” he murmured smugly to himself as he slowly kissed his way up the sleek surface, heading for the open, oval opening of Annie's deep, soft bellybutton.

When his long, straight nose reached the tied down beauty's sensuous navel, Walter inhaled deeply and said, “God you smell good!”

The sinister librarian teasingly kissed a circle around Annie's deep bellybutton as she whimpered giggles and futilely sucked her smooth belly in, trying to escape the unwanted, scintillating sensation.

Annie's brown eyes were heavy with foreboding as she stared down at her captor in fearful anticipation.  The flushed teen was distraught at the mere thought of the librarian brazenly tickling her soft bellybutton.  

Annie was still grappling with disbelief at the sheer volume and intensity of sensations coursing through her vibrant, curvy body.  She couldn't seem to separate out ticklishness from pleasure.  The librarian masterfully kept her feelings and sensations tangled up and intertwined so she couldn't get a handle on either one.  The one thing she knew for sure was she definitely didn't want this terrible man tickling her hyper sensitive bellybutton.  She didn't even know what would happen if he did!

Walter wanted to crow with glee at the expression of dismay and nervousness of Annie's pretty, bespectacled face.  “She doesn't think it can get any worse!” Walter snickered quietly to himself.  “Time to prove her wrong.”

The icy eyed librarian looked Annie directly in her brown eyes for a minute and then turned his hungry gaze on her deep, soft bellybutton.  “Time to have some fun with my sweet treasure.”

Annie stiffened slowly in apprehension and her eyes grew wider as Walter teasingly lowered his goatee fringed mouth toward the panicking teen's delicious bellybutton.  But at the last second, the evil librarian abruptly gripped Annie's sensuous, curved sides and started kneading and tickling greedily.

Completely caught off guard, Annie's back lifted in a frantic arch and she twisted frenetically at her bonds as she screamed out plaintive laughter.  The curvy teen desperately wriggled and squirmed, her brown hair fanning out as she thrashed her head and shrieked ticklish laughter.

The ticklish assault only lasted thirty seconds or so before Walter released her curved sides and let the heavily breathing young woman lower back down to the table top.  

Annie had just got enough breath back to plead for him to stop when Walter expertly began stroking his fingertips lightly in the tender hollows of her hipbones.

Annie hunched her slender shoulders and tucked her chin down, an unbidden little squeal of delight escaped her before she bit her lower lip and stifled any more.  The dazzled teen's brows lifted wonderingly again and her back arched slightly into the scandalously pleasurable tickles as throaty, sultry laughter drifted unstoppably from her smiling mouth.

“Mmmmmhmmmhmmmmhmmmm.*squeal*Aaaaaaaaahahahahahaha-*squeal*Stop it stop it stop it-*squeal*Mmmmmmmhmmhmmmhmmmhmmmmmmm....”

Gazing at the desirable, bemused teen, Walter expertly judged her emotional state in a moment.  The devious librarian assessed the open, oval opening of Annie's deep bellybutton and then quickly reached over to a nearby jar and grabbed a paintbrush, about the diameter of  two pencils, with long, soft bristles.  While his sweet captive was busy trying to fight the implacable pleasure of his hip hollow tickles, the crafty librarian took the paintbrush and dipped it into the soft, creamy depths of Annie's bellybutton, twirling it devilishly so the soft bristles fanned out and lightly stroked over the whole ticklish interior.

Annie's brown eyes closed and her head tilted back as she let out a sharp, innocent gasp in instant response.  With her divided emotions, the tied down beauty defiantly sucked in her smooth, gleaming tummy even as she arched her back involuntarily into the searingly intense sensation.  

Annie's soft, sleek belly shivered vulnerably as she let out a light, tremulous cry of intolerable pleasure that was followed by a string of breathless, quavering giggles as she twisted slowly at her bonds.

Walter kept the tickling paintbrush twirling with fiendish delight.  Carefully tilting it and angling it to get the soft bristles whispering over the entire, creamy soft interior of Annie's deep, hyper sensitive bellybutton.

The dazzled brunette kept her head tilted back, brows raised over closed eyes as her smooth, hourglass belly heaved and trembled with feverish panting, punctuated by intermittent scandalized gasps and simmering, whimpering laughter.

“*Pant pant pant pant* Nnnnnnnnnnn-*SHARP GASP*Nnnnnhnnhnnnnhnnnnhnnnn...*SHARP GASP**Pant pant pant pant pant*Nnnnnnhnnnnhnnnnnhnnnoooo...*SHARP GASP*”

Walter swirled the paintbrush for a couple more minutes of tingling, intensely ticklish, tormented pleasure, then he slowly withdrew the brush and set it on the rolling cart with the other jars.

Annie slowly relaxed from her passionate arching position and opened her brown eyes reluctantly.  She saw Walter hunched like a bird of prey over her sleek helpless belly as he lowered his mouth toward the oval opening of her deep, soft navel and murmured hungrily, “Now you're ready...”

Annie's mouth opened in mute, dread filled anticipation as Walter gripped her rounded hips to hold her still and prepared to slip his tongue into her deep, creamy, soft bellybutton.  A mewling sound of dismay slithered from the tied down beauty's soft lips and then at the last moment, Walter's cell phone rang.

For a moment, the lust filled librarian hesitated and Annie was dismally sure he was going to lick her in her ultra sensitive bellybutton and drive her crazy.  But with a snarl of irritation, the goateed librarian straightened up and answered his phone.

“Hello!  Oh um...yes Mr. Dean.  Of course...of course.  Meet in my office in five minutes?”  Walter's hungry gaze zeroed in on Annie's deep, soft bellybutton as she watched fearfully.  “Could we make it fifteen minutes?  I'm in the middle of something I'd really like to finish.  I see...yes sir...I'll see you then.”

Walter ended the call and put the phone back in his pocket.  The long faced librarian leaned over the anxious brunette's smooth, desirable belly and silently gazed at her beautiful, open bellybutton.  He turned his head and regarded Annie soberly as he said, “It would almost be worth losing my job to lick you in your sensuous bellybutton right now.  I'm really interested to see what happens.”

Slowly the librarian straightened up and swiftly untied Annie from the table.  He pulled the disbelieving teen casually to her feet and remarked, “But...I have bills to pay.  You can go Annie.  Consider your overdue book fine paid in full.”
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Aw I'm so glad I could help your inspiration šŸ˜Š
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